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Suhyon Kim



Suhyon—Education and Experience with Law


Suhyon Kim graduated from Keio University with a Bachelor of Law degree. He then attended Hitotsubashi Law School. In December of 2007, he became a registered attorney and soon after, he began working at Higashi Sakura Law Office. There, he worked on many different kinds of legal cases and gained a wide range of experience working in civil law, criminal law, and corporate law. In January of 2011, Suhyon began working at a new firm called Tokyo Public Law Office for Foreign Nationals and International Service Section. There, his work primarily consisted of providing legal assistance to foreigners and working to ensure that foreigners would have greater access to legal aid. From May of 2013 to August of 2015, Suhyon worked at UC Berkeley in California as a visiting scholar. While working there, he worked on researching US immigration law. In February of 2017, Suhyon began his own law office, Hiroo Park Law Firm.


Suhyon currently holds the distinctive title of Vice-President of the Tokyo Bar Association’s Committee on the Protection of Foreigners’ Human Rights. He has also co-written two published books: “Legal Consultation for Foreign Nationals” and “Beginner’s Guide to Providing Legal Assistance to Foreign Nationals in Japan.” He also wrote an article called “The Arrival of Pirate Ships” for Liberty and Justice, a journal published by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.


Yohei Oda


Yohei Oda  —Education and Experience with Law


Yohei Oda graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Second Course in European and American Studies, Spanish major. He graduated from Kanto Gakuin University Law School. Then he became a registered attorney in December of 2014 and after working in a law firm in Tokyo, joined Tokyo Public Law Office for Foreign Nationals and International Service Section. There, he provided legal service for foreign nationals and worked hard to protect the rights of people from various countries, using English and Spanish. In November of 2020, Yohei joined the Hiroo Park Law Firm.

Yohei writes articles on various topics in magazines for foreigners living in Japan such as Japan Times, Mercado Latino and Kyodai. He wrote articles related to labor problems, divorce, defamation on the internet, criminal case etc. Yohei also held seminars for embassy staffs in English and Spanish, and gave  a lecture on basic knowledge about criminal cases.

Yohei belongs to the Foreign Residents Subcommittee in the Legal Service Joint Center of the Tokyo Bar Association, and is also involved in legal support for foreign residents in Japan.


Chika Miyagi 


Miyagi Chika

Chika Miyagi —Education and Experience with Law


Chika Miyagi graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Kaiho High School, Science and Mathematics Department. She graduated from Chuo University Law School Department of Law. She participated in working experience programme at Internationl Labour Organization, researching and making a presenation on “HIV/AIDS issues in the workplace especially concerning discrimination and stigma” in 2011. She graduated from Chuo University Law School. Then she became a registered attorney in January of 2019 and after working in a law office in Tokyo, joined Hiroo Park Law Firm in December 2019.

She gained significant range of experience with family cases (domestic and international cases), labour cases, criminal cases, corporate law and immigration cases.

Chika belongs to the Tokyo Bar Association’s Committee on the Protection of Foreigners’ Rights.

Chika speaks Japanese, English and French (DELF B1, DAPF niveau 2). Elle a un niveau intermédiaire en français.